Friday, August 12, 2011


The SL Gazette AKA 

Omega Static

 Yes lovelies! you did it ding ding ding! It is none other then Michael Luellen of Inglewood California! This man right here is the biggest looser i think i have ever met! This guy had the nerve to try and collar me almost a year ago! This is the biggest fucking looser i have ever met! Has anyone ever seen this man on the gazette? Nope! Well now you know why you have not seen him! He is the creator of the blog! This man actually lost his job trying to act like he was king ding a ling online! *giggles* Why? He could not get up and go to work cause he was to busy up all night beating his dick! He lost Urban Chaos and had to beg pirate and linksta to save it!  What? Run out of dumb bitches like Aasha,Shey,Princessa,Chrissy, along with a long list of other stupid women who paid his tier for him? Awww sad face! He even screws over his own friends in business the list has people in it like Angellez,(when he would tell angellez he could not make tier)Mistey,(So many times the poor girl has done things and was never paid what she was owe)Char,(Hey char come pass out food stamps for us in the ghetto thanks char! Ok now pay us tier on something we asked you to run? wtf!) This man is nothing more then a internet predator preying on womens kindness even using his kids to try and gain advantage over women! You are a disgusting excuse for a man! I hope your wife really does wake up and leave your ass! This mans own wife left him for two weeks after fucking his best friend who needed a place to stay after getting out of prison! Your own wife does not respect you Mr. Luellen why should we? The same man that always says i keep it 100 i would never snitch! Excuse me! Mr Luellen i was there when you and angellez snitched on nicholas mafia for turning Urban Chaos upside down and crashing the sim! Im not to sure how much of the following is true but i put it here anyway.

The following is a reenactment of Omega Static the day he told on nicholas mafia