Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gazette Gets Exposed

Where to begin! Lets start with how this blog will kill the sl gazette!

It is really funny, you could almost say a self kill.
The person actually read what they typed while on the phone with yours true indeed as if they wanted to read it back to make sure it was correct. The next day lord behold it was on the blog! So after a hour or so of no that is not what was said i did not say that your hearing things so on. I continued to pressure them for answers, flirting, joking, finally it all payed off. Telling not only the names of the people blogging but there blog name as well also swearing me to secrecy. lol yeah ok sure i swear lmao.  I have the entire conversation on my iphone omg the suspense is killing me as well! So for those of you like my sl tt who have been degraded, kicked, stepped on, put down and just picked on for no reason other then the enjoyment of sick people its pay back time! This is how this will work every friday there will be a blogger released here until all are revealed. Then the conversation will be posted at the end and you can hear it for yourselves. The entire conversation how they pick victims how they vote on who goes up and who does not why certain people get removed everything. 

Ps. For those of you reading the blog i will say that some of the names people have thrown around are exactly the people blogging! Some have actually even been on the blog! Nothing to serious tho would not wanna draw attention to there self now would they? After all the best way to take attention of you is do what? Yup you guessed it blog about yourself! So how do they do it you ask? They drop little comments on there about one another to throw the bloggers off. You know? Fuck so and so big head bitch slope head bitch blah blah. Some of them even go as far as to talk to there on alt in the comments! 

Stay tuned you do not wanna miss this.

I am pretty sure the person has already come clean. I think that is what prompted the post talking about you do not know us, and family is not family, people cutting cards so on. If they have not we will do it for them! What am i saying just like the gazette we wanna keep you on the edge of your seat til the exciting conclusion.

Deny,Deny,Deny What do you expect *giggles* that is human nature lol. You cant deny proof can you? Well as we have said we have it for you! Not sure who that email is or who the girl is there speaking on as if that is us lmao! Deny all you can ladies and gents over at the gazette! When the voice stream is released on this blog there will not be anywhere left to hide.